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"I think many people are scared to be truly creative today. I wrote this book to inspire them to be their most creative selves.  And the best way to do that is with A Touch of the Madness.  That wild, bold, out there, almost beyond possibility crazy idea – that’s the one!  Embrace your inner madness."

Larry Kasanoff

A Touch of The Madness Music Video

In the essence of  A Touch of The Madness we decided to write an original song that embodies this message. We think that this is a first and we encourage you to join in on the Madness.

Written by Larry Kasanoff.

Song performed by Elisha Soronio

ft. Songsbury.

There can be only one . . . Larry Kasanoff! He is right, embrace the crazy to be more creative. I love A Touch of the Madness!

Christopher Lambert

 star of


Legendary movie producer Larry Kasanoff knows firsthand that massive success requires taking big risks—it paid off for him with blockbusters Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Mortal Kombat and other feature films. Now, he’s sharing behind-the-scenes stories and hard-won wisdom to help creatives thrive in any industry. 

Larry will be the first to tell you that excelling in any creative field requires taking big risks. It means embracing your crazy side: the most unique, boldest, and bravest part of you, and your greatest asset when it comes to creating something truly original. 

In A Touch of the Madness, Larry uses memories from working on some of Hollywood’s biggest box-office hits, including Platoon, True Lies, and the Mortal Kombat film series, to show you the three principles that form the foundation of a thriving career in any industry: 

•    Create a great idea that will excite your audience
•    Ask as many times (and as many people) as it takes to get a “yes”

•    Play while you work—don’t forget to have fun

Companies and organizations tend to be comfortable with the tried and true. But customers are attracted to what’s new, different, and better. To be innovative, you have to be a little crazy. A Touch of the Madness will help you embrace your wildest creative impulses and live your dreams—without anyone holding you back.


‘Larry recording the audio version of his book, A Touch of the Madness.

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